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Care and Repair for your Handcrafted Cheaney Shoes and Boots
Posted By: Alison | Published: 05-18-12

In their factory in Desborough, Northamptonshire, Joseph Cheaney and Sons Shoes are still hand created by master craftsmen as they always have been.

Using on the finest quality raw materials and the experience that comes with over 125 years heritage of traditional English shoemaking as well as their highly skilled craftsmen, means that each shoe that is made at Cheaney's factory is a true artisan item that the wearer should treasure for a long time.

In the process of producing a genuine pair of Cheaney shoes, there are over 200 individual hand skilled stages. The Skills that the current Cheaney craftsmen and women use have been passed down from generation to generation. There are even some of the current Cheaney employees who are direct descendants of the original staff when the factory opened in 1886.

One of the traditional methods used in making a pair of Cheaney shoes is called Goodyear welting. This is named after Charles Goodyear Junior who engineered the machine which is used in the process. Goodyear welting is the process of stitching the uppers to the sole with individually knotted stitches. The way it is constructed creates a long lasting and durable product as when the stitching begins to wear, the whole row of stitching does not come unravelled as and the soles can be removed and replaced several times without any detriment to the integrity of the shoe, as such it extends the longevity of the shoes. With wear the leather uppers and soles will mould to the wearers feet creating a level of comfort which is unique to the individual wearer.

To get the best out of your Cheaney shoes it is important to care for them correctly. After wear, you should remove any dirt or debris with a soft brush before polishing with a wax polish to replace the natural oils in the leather and prevent it from drying out, even if you are not planning to wear your shoes again immediately. If your shoes get wet is important to allow them to dry naturally, away from any heat source, between each wear. Inserting a wooden shoe tree will help absorb any moisture inside the shoe and will reduce creasing and cracking of the leather and also help the shoes to keep their shape. The key to keeping your shoes in optimum condition is replenishing the natural oils to nourish the leather to maintain it's flexibility and strength.

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Eventually, even with care, your Cheaney shoes will reach the point where they need to be refurbished. The only sensible option for this is to use Cheaney's own refurbishment service. Bear in mind that Cheaney will not refurbish shoes that have been previously repaired elsewhere. To use this service you can return them to Cheaney directly or through any Cheaney stockist.

Please contact us at Shoes GB directly on 01302 718926 to arrange your Cheaney refurbishment through us. The current price of a full Cheaney refurbishment is £90 (May 2012) and it will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

Before Cheaney refurbishment

After Cheaney refurbishment

Once in the workshop, the shoes are inspected and put on the original lasts when the old soles are them removed. Your shoes are rebuilt using the original specifications and components wherever possible and the shoes are put back on the production line undergoing many of the same processes used in the original manufacture. Goodyear welting is used to attach brand new soles to the shoes and a heel unit is fitted. The shoes are buffed and polished before being re boxed and returned to you.

The short 3 minute video below shows Dick from Cheaney, who has more than 40 years experience, demonstrating how Cheaney Shoes are refurbished at the Cheaney factory.

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